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Hi! I'm Chuck Brown...and that's my face over there to the right (well, it's not exactly my face... but people think it looks a lot like me!). I'm your host for this site. Light Up Your Brain is about inspiration, creativity, and the fun of being a kid. I've created and assembled some great resources to help kids have fun while learning and developing. Comments or suggestions? Use the form on the Contact page to reach me. En-Joy! Wink

New Games, Lotsa Music Vids & The Apparently Kid

Since our last update, we’d added four fun new games for your enjoyment:

And, we’ve continued to post new kids music videos every single morning at 8am ET for the past several weeks…and will be continuing at least through the month of August. If you’ve got kids who love music, check ’em out!

And finally…if you haven’t seen this video yet of a kid being interviewed after a fair ride…we thought you’d get a kick out of it:

Apparently. En-Joy! ๐Ÿ˜‰


5 New Games Added!

We’ve been hard at work looking for some great new brain-teaser games for you to play…and we’ve found 5ย of them. Come check ’em out when you’ve got a little time to play around!

Oh…and by the way…we’re posting a new kids music video every morning….7 days a week…for the next month or so. You can pop in to the site every day (or a couple times a week) to check it out…or follow us on Facebookย (click Like on the page, but also choose Get Notifications, or you will miss most of our posts), Twitter or Google Plus to be notified…or you can even get email notifications of just those videos by signing up at this link.

En-Joy! ๐Ÿ˜‰


Promo Video #3: Busy Mom Loves Free Kids Music!

We hope you enjoy it!


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