Links For Kids


Here are links to some really fine sites we’ve come across over the years.

We’ve broken them down into two categories…primarily for learning and primarily for fun…though you’ll find some of both on all of them.

If you’re not spending time on our site, you might want to spend some time on theirs!

En-Joy! 😉

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Links For Learning

  • ABC Ya!
    A bunch of great math and reading games for kids!
  • ExploraNet
    From the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Makes science interesting and fun!
  • Fun Brain
    Stories to read, math learning games and more fun!
  • Into The Book
    Really fun reading strategy tools for kids, plus teaching resources.
  • The Kids Should See This
    Smart videos for curious minds of all ages
  • Kids Online Resources
    A wealth of links to resources on all sorts of topics.
    Let the letters guide you to great online destinations!
  • Statetris
    A great fun way to learn to recognize the shapes of states and where they appear on the map.
  • Seussville
    Videos, games and activities from the popular children’s book author.
  • Starfall
    Teaching children to read with phonics games.
  • Switch Zoo
    Great animal games. Switch out their parts, feed them and build a biome!
  • The Virtual Cave
    Lace up those hiking boots and see some sights you don’t see every day.
  • Worm World
    Just be sure to wash your hands before dinner!!

Links For Fun

  • Amazing Adventure
    Stories to read (and listen to!) and activities to print out and have fun with.
  • Children’s Storybooks Online
    A delightful site featuring nuttin’ but stories, honey. Grouped by age interest level.
  • Crayola
    They make those Crayons you never quite run out of… and a fun little Web site as well.
  • Fungooms
    Musical fun with characters and a variety of interesting and original games.
  • Highlights Kids
    Games to play, stories to read, crafts, recipes and more!
  • Kids Stories Online
    A story site and online community, with a monthly writing competition.
  • Lego Universe
    Great stuff to build with Legos.
  • MarkArts
    This guy is a wonderfully talented ventriloquist. I saw him live and was really impressed…
  • PBS Online
    A great starting point for contacting PBS shows like Mister Rogers and Sesame Street. There are some other games here, too.
  • Peanuts
  • The official home page for Charlie Brown, Snoopy and friends. Having grown up being called “Charlie Brown” by lots of folks, this one holds a special place in my heart. 😉
  • Poems & Stories For Kids
    PS4K offers up fun and interesting poems and stories by Mark Bird.
  • Sesame Workshop
    Home of Sesame Street, Ghostwriter Mysteries and more.
  • Sports Illustrated For Kids
    Like sports? Go here!
  • Storyline Online
    Stories for kids, read to you by movie and TV stars!
  • Yuckiest Site on the Internet
    Hmmm….this one really IS gross! But it’s also fun and interesting, if you have a strong stomach…