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About Coloring

Were you aware that the average American child spends 28 minutes a day coloring and wears down about 730 crayons by the age of 10? Did you know that Crayola introduced the crayon in 1903…making it over 100 years old? Between parents and schools, roughly 2.5 billion crayons are purchased each year.

The simple fact is: Children love to color. They love to “make their mark”. To be creative. To add their own special touch to the world as they see it.

Coloring is artistic. Coloring is educational. Coloring is expressive. Coloring is a tool for teaching perspective, contrast, texture and balance. Coloring teaches boundaries. But…most of all, coloring is FUN!!

We hope you enjoy all the wonderful free coloring pages on this site. Thousands of parents and children visit this site every day from all over the world…finding “just the right thing” to print out, sit down and color…or to use as clip art to create custom greeting cards, birthday cards, Christmas cards or postcards for their friends and relatives. Enjoy!! 😉