Image Use

The images contained in this site are the exclusive property of the owners of this web site, and permission is granted ONLY to use them as free coloring pages, distributed exclusively from this site. No other site is permitted to post them without explicit permission from us. If you are linking to the images on the site, please link to the page that contains the image thumbnail, not to the image itself. Otherwise, you risk having your link blocked.

In terms of actual use of the images…we do, of course, understand that children may wish to use them not only as coloring pages, but in other art or educational creations as well…and this is perfectly acceptable.

However, permission is not granted for alternate forms of distribution, or use as part of any other collection or as part of a product for sale. Permission is not granted for use by commercial ventures of any kind, in any form. This includes anything directly associated with commercial use…such as company logos or holiday greeting cards. Permission can only be granted by the owner of the images, who can be contacted thru the Contact page on this site. Your cooperation with these policies is appreciated.