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I love your web site! I think it’s wealthy of wonderful stories and very useful to improve my listening comprehension and my poor and rusty English… It’s even the best idea to try to make my little children excited to learn English. Thanks for your good job!
– Tatiana

“I have a 2 1/2 hr old daughter and she loves hearing your voice and stories. What a great website and wealth of resources. Thank you for making it available to the masses. Great voice pernunciation and voice imitation : )  Would love to see more classic stories (3 little pigs – I bet you would be an amazing big bag wolf) or nursery rhymes for the younger kids but given all the stories are available for download without charge, I won’t complain. I appreciate your website very much and so does my mini-me!”
– Alice

“I am in China, My daughter is 9. We knew your name long before we found your site today, as we downloaded 7 stories told by you from some sites in China. My daughter loved them best. I also downloaded hundreds of very good stories from other sites like Librivox, then we need to push her to listen (English is a foreign language to us after all). As for your stories, we don’t need to push at all — they attract her. This is to express our thanks to your excellent work.”
– Mingxu

“This site is great”
– Emma

“Hi Mr. Brown. I’m an arabic girl. my name’s Ola. i’m so interisted in English. your website is so fantastic. I wanna thank you teacher.”
– Ola

This is just a note to thank you for your readings of children’s stories as found on the website My son, who will be 3 in June, has been enjoying many of those stories for several months now, from the classics to Petey’s Peanut Butter Pizza. Jack and the Beanstalk has been a particularly big hit. We sampled children’s stories from a variety of comparable sources, such as, but I quickly noticed that your readings were the most professional and also, probably more importantly, simply the most pleasant to hear. I did not seek to push that conclusion on my son, but there is no question he agrees. Out of curiosity, I googled your name in hopes of finding more children’s stories, and in general to learn whether you were an established artist or a random gem. I see from your website that you have much broader talent than just reading children’s stories, but I am certainly grateful for whatever it was that led you to try that medium. Until we found your stories, my son would listen only to real-time stories my wife and I would compose on the spot — and although we still mix our original improvisations in, doing that exclusively was getting tiring!
– Vincent

My kids LOVE!!! And I appreciated the help when I am just to sleepy for ‘just one more’. I never thought a laptop would be a parenting tool. Please add me to your newsletter.
– Paul

Just wanted to say that I *LOVED* your “The Fantabulous Cumulo-Nimbuli Pump” story, especially the last line. 😉
– Julie

“I am a homeschool mom and I love your site. We teach our children through Classical Conversations and the book “The Well Trained Mind” I love your audio story collection. I hope you will add more stories in the future. The story of “The Little Mermaid” is my daughters favorite. She is starting to learn that the books are so much better than the movies. You have done a wonderful job with this site.”
– Amy

“i rellie like this site its a reallie gud and inspires kids to do their best and learn more gud stuff while having fun.”
– Salwa

“I liked your site.”
– Peter

“The audio stories are great! Great site.”
– Preeti

“I love your stories! Your voice is wonderful. I am using your stories to read to my preschool class. We are doing a unit on the five senses. I am using this to help the children imagine the pictures in their head just as a blind person would do. I had 2 blind grandparents, I appeciate you! Thanks a bunch.”
– Michele

“Your website is very good. It is very helpful for not only children but also students who want to prctice their english listening. I want to say thank you to you and I hope that my comment will make you feel happy. so you can have a good inspiration to continue this website.”
– Koneko

“Hello! I just found this site looking around for things for my 8 1/2 year old son, who is blind, to listen to online. Thank you so much for having the stories in audio online. We read to our son and he has books on tape, but he does like to change things up sometimes, so finding this site was awesome! Thanks again.”
– Corrina

“I love your site. I teach 800 1st and 2nd graders every week and would like to put a link to your site on my web site. If this is ok please let me know. Thanks.”
– Jeff

“Just wanted you to know we kind of ran across your site by accident. I typed in a search for “listen to stories online” when I was too tired to tell one myself. We found your site, and the whole family, hubby, two boys (9 & 4), me, and the baby all piled on our queen size bed and listened to two of the shorter stories. The kids were so still, I was amazed! Needless to say, I’ll never forget your site now! I downloaded the stories to burn to CD’s for car trips. We’ll keep checking back for new ones. Thanks for helping me out at bedtime!”
– Dawn

“It’s Zhuk family from Russia. We have been studying English for four years. We were very amazed when we found out that your site was free. Unfortunately we are not able to buy audio books as the average salary in the town we live in is about $100. We think, your site is really great, it’s not only enjoyable to listen to different stories and fairytales, it’s also very useful for us, who study English as a foreign language. We’ d like to thank you and we are looking forward to new stories. With best wishes…”
– Tonya

“hello mr brown. im from iran & ilove your site beaucase your site have stories and stories its very good for every body learn english i have one request : please read more stories beaucase me and my friend love your voice beaucase your pronunciation its very good and help we to learn english very fast. thank you!”
– Mehdi

“I’m from Germany and my english is very bad, but I’m learning now. I’m getting better. Your site is a great help for me!!!!! Thank you very, very much!!! Please don’t stop your beautiful work!!”
– Carsten

“I would like to know where could I buy these classical stories. I would like to teach english with them. Please, send me information. I am a teacher for poor children in bolivia.”
– Eduardo

“hello dears. i was searching for a website to learn english and i found this website and it is very wonderfull website i found what i love ( stories) and i can listen to stories ….”
– Alia

“Love It”
– Crystal

“hi, tnx for ur site”
– Yaser

“I am writing to express my appreciation for the stories you read out loud for children. I downloaded most of them and recorded them on CD so that my kids can listen to them when they are old enough. They are 4 and 6 right now. I will have my son memorize the entire Velveteen in a few months. He has already memorized the Cat in the Hat. You have an excellent voice and style for reading; I assume you are a professional narrator. I also read to my kids, but I try to let them hear the pros read whenever possible. English is my second language. Again, thanks so much for your wonderful site.”
– May

“Thank you for such an excellent website. We use your online audio stories in our special education class for students who cannot use a mouse button. Keep up the good work!”
– Marty

“Hi. I just want to thank you for the stories on because I have downloaded all of them and I keep listening to them every now and then. I wonder if I could download more stories? Can I buy a CD full of stories narrated by you? If so, please do let me know, and I would be very much grateful. Thanks in advance.”
– Ahmad “Today’s Family First Site is not, as the title may suggest, about electricity, or power supplies, or anything electronic oriented. It is a site that is there simply for fun. So settle back, get in a leisure mode, and have a great time. The name of the site is Light Up Your Brain. It is the brainchild of Chuck Brown, and is about inspiration, creativity, and the fun of being a kid. At this site you will find stories, games, music, learning and just fun stuff…”
[read more]

“I am a college teacher in China. My students are learning English as a foreign language. Their biggest problems in learnig English are speaking, listening and writing. That’s why I need download the reading of yours. I really appreciate your job of charity. I will recommend this wonderful website to my colleagues. And hope you have a chance to visit China.”
– Victor

“Hi, I like this website, especially the stories. And I have a mp3 player, I hope I can download ur stories to my mp3 player, so that I can enjoy it when I am walking or waiting for the bus. Thanks!”
– Zizi

“i love this site it is very nice”
– Rania

“sup yo site iz da bomb!!!!”
– Jiggyfly

“this is a relly wounderfull site i found all things ineed and i hope to be like that for ever because ilike to be in this site all the day ….”
– No Name Submitted

“I love your stories. my mother inprinted all them in CD, so I can listen often.thank you very much.”
– Cathy

“good to joined and make new farinds to you thanks”
– Ibrahim10

“I think this is a grate learning site and it is hard and really fun. THANK YOU SOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSOSO MUCH!”
– Taylor

“I’m 45 years old and find your site very entertaining. lol. It’s great that you have this site up for the kids.”
– Jamie J. Knight

“Can i just say that you are so kind and generous about establishing this web ? YES! It’s so great to have a web as such and where i can download the free children music and stories as well. THANK YOU from the botom of my heart! And keep going !!”
– Matt

“very good”
– Vajira Vithanage

“Linking to you on my site, thanks”
– Krienne

“What a WONDERFUL place to listen to children’s stories online! Where are the stories in Spanish though, are they any??? Thanks, Mom of Paul”
– Leslee

“Would it be possible to come up with something like this for adults learning to read?”
– Judy

“Hi: I want to let you know that I´m using your audio-stories in my English classes. I teach English in Argentina and I lived in Wash, DC back in the late 60´s for 10 years. I enjoyed your page.”
– Elsa

“hi,thank you for your storys…”
– Low Ying Jiun

“I love your voice which I think is professional. But I am just wondering your purpose to build this website, just for fun? And I do think you’d better add more contents into it. As my English is not so good, so I prefer easiest but funny stories. Anyway, I love this website and hope to see more MP3 materials. And I also want to download the text which is impossible right now. Maybe I am asking to much for you, hope this message will not annoy you. Have fun and good luck!”
– Adele (China)

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