Stories And Educational Development

Snuggled up in bed in our baby one piece, as we listen to our parent softly retell a classic fairy tale. Some of our favorite memories could be of those precious times. Time that never seemed fleeting until it was gone. Story telling has been alive since people could retell events. As we begin to tell our children stories, we are also helping their educational development.

I have sat down next to numerous children, and read them hundreds of books. Some about the different colors of the rainbow, and even some about death and grieving. The books we read to children can help them learn or cope with a variety of things. After one child’s grandfather died, and he had returned from the funeral, he was evidently distraught. Through reading a book about funerals and grieving in the theme of his favorite character, you could see a bit of his confusion lifted from him. Stories can also relay morals and values. When children can relate to things happening in stories, they can apply it in their own lives.

Reading to children also promotes in them a love for reading. When they begin to read for themselves, you will have instilled a sense of fun and excitement in regard to reading, as well as a sense of accomplishment. This will have life-long benefits that are priceless. When children feels like reading is fun, school will become easier, and they will have developed a hobby. Also, children can explore their creativity by telling stories.

Children who are read to, begin to read earlier. The educational benefits are numerous. When you read to a child, you are instilling a life long passion. Children can develop creativity, and crucial values through books. Relating to events that are in books, can help children through rough times. I have watched children go from wanting every book read to them, to sitting quietly reading numerous books. Instilling a love of reading is a priceless gift to give to a child.