chuck-brown-faceHere’s a great opportunity for your preschooler to demonstrate their artistic prowess: Find an animal to color…there are LOTS to choose from…everything from aardvarks to zebras!

First, click on one of the set numbers…then scroll horizontally until you find the animal you want, then click on that. Then, click on the desired color with the paint bucket to select it. Click on the part of the image that you want to “paint” with that color.

When you’re done colouring, print it out and hang it up somewhere. Instant art gallery…perfect to stick under a refrigerator magnet. And a GREAT tool to stimulate early creativity…En-Joy! 😉

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Unfortunately, the click-to-color application requires Flash…so it will not work on a number of mobile devices, including iPads.

Choose from the following images above for coloring: aardvark, alligator, anteater, ape, armadillo, bat, bear, beaver, bird, bison, blue jay, bulldog, bunny, burro, butterfly, camel, canary, cardinal, cat, chambered nautilus, chick, chipmunk, cow, crab, crocodile, dinosaur, dog, dolphin, donkey, dragonfly, duck, eagle, eel, egret, elephant, fawn, ferret, fish, flamingo, fox, frog, gazelle, gecko, giraffe, goat, goose, gorilla, grasshopper, hawk, hen, hippopotamus, hog, horse, hummingbird, ibex, ibis, iguana, insect, jellyfish, kangaroo, kitten, kiwi, koala, lamb, leopard, lion, lizard, llama, lobster, mole, monkey, moose, mouse, mule, muskrat, narwhal, ocelot, octopus, ostrich, otter, owl, parrot, peacock, penguin, pig, polar bear, porcupine, puppy, rabbit, raccoon, rat, reindeer, rhinoceros, roadrunner, seagull, seal, sea turtle, sheep, snail, snake, steer, swan, swordfish, toad, turkey, turtle, vicuna, walrus, weasel, whale, woodpecker, yak, and….zebra!